• How do I price LTL?

    For LTL Freight in the GVRD Area, Click on Cartage and then Zones and Rates.

    Enter your username and password.

    By adding our website to your trusted list you will not need to enter these again.

    Click on the Map or list on the left to select a pick up location and do the same for a delivery location.

    We also provide a handy postal code look-up.

    Click reset and then enter the first three digits of the postal code for the pick up location, the system will find the correct zone. Do the same for the delivery location.

    Change the weight or weight type and add either inside delivery, residential delivery, Dangerous Goods or Power Tailgate.

    We charge based on weight or volume weight, whichever is the greater of the two.

    The volume weight calculator is located beside the postal code look-up.

    Enter the size and select either cm or in to calculate volume weight.

    If the result is greater than the actual weight will become the chargeable weight

  • Can I print out a rate sheet?

    After entering your username and password and selecting a Pick up and Delivery location you can print out a rate sheet by clicking on the Zone Matrix button. This rate sheet will contain rates to and from the selecetd Pick up location. For Example if you require rates to and from Richmond simply select Richmond as the Pick up location and any other zone as the delivery location. Click on the Zone Matrix button to receive a PDF rate matrix for Richmond.
  • How do I price Containers?

    For Container Drayage in the GVRD Area, Click on Cartage and then Container Rates.

    Enter your username and password.

    By adding our website to your trusted list you will not need to enter these again.

    Select a Terminal by clicking on the terminal on the map or by selecting one from the list above.

    Select an import delivery or export pickup location.

  • How about outside the GVRD?

    We service all of Western Canada and parts of Washington State. For rates not supported by the rating system contact dispatch@vtlonline.com for a quote.
  • How does the Fuel Surcharge Work?

    Our floating fuel surcharge will be calculated on the National Traffic Systems FSC Index and updated once per month.
  • Are discounts available?

    Discounts are available for contract customers. Contact sorin@vtlonline.com for more information.
  • How do I place a dispatch order?

    We accept email, fax, phone and electronic orders.

    EMAIL: dispatch@vtlonline.com

    FAX: (604)273-5342


    Standard Smartidocs.

    Custom Smartidocs.

    Excel Manifests.


  • How do I become a contract customer?

    Once we have approved your credit application and you have signed our terms and conditions you will become a contract customer.
  • As a contract customer, what benefits will I receive?

    Contract customers who maintain an annual minimum purchase are eligible to receive discounts on standard rates. Other benefits include on-line access to manage freight and costing with real time POD notification and forwarding.
  • Can I pay by Credit Card?

    In order to accept Visa and Master Card Payments you must sign and return the Electronic Payment Verification Form which includes Terms and Conditions. This form can be downloaded by Clicking on Vimac Transport / Credit Card Authorization.
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